Saturday, November 17, 2018

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“I really can’t invest twenty percent of my income each month. It’s impossible.” This comment came from an attendee in my seminar, “How to Make Millions in the Stock Market.” As you know by now, I teach people to invest twenty percent of their monthly income in the stock market. This is how you become very rich. If people tell me they can’t, there are only two solutions: decrease expense and increase income.

You can’t save if you won’t simplify. I won’t be where I am now financially if I didn’t drive a secondhand car or ate in simple restaurants or took the cheapest vacations. In the early years, my “romantic” weekly dates with my wife were in Tapa King. My queen didn’t mind. Sometimes, we’d eat dinner at home, then go to a five-star hotel lobby and order one glass of Coke. We’d stay there for two hours, sipping it very slowly. The first ten years of my investment journey were all about simplifying. I’ve been investing for twenty-two years now. Today, I can bring her to fancy restaurants. But there’s one thing I encourage everyone to do….

Side Hustle
Keep your day job but grow a side income. Live on your day job’s salary, but invest in the stock market one hundred percent of your earnings from the side hustle (Correction: Give ten percent to God and invest ninety percent.) I know that’s radical, but believe me, this is what will make you truly rich. Find something to sell. Or get a part-time job. Offer your services via the Internet: writing, editing, graphics design, whatever. Identify what you’re passionate about and earn through it. I know of someone who sells second-hand rubber shoes because he knows this world. He’s an expert. He can tell you the brand, year, model, color. I cannot, for the life of me, wrap my mind around the idea that someone out there wants to buy another person’s old rubber shoes, with the other person’s sweat and smell inside the shoes. But there are. And his business is flourishing. And do you know how he sells them? Via Facebook. Many moons ago (almost two decades), I wanted to learn how to sell belly-to-belly. For one year, I joined a network marketing company. It was an awesome experience. In that year, I remember earning one million pesos. What did I do with the money? I gave some to the ministry and invested the rest. Can you imagine how much that money is today? Pretty cool. Friend, grow your side hustle. Happy investing!
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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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How You Behave During Bad Times Will Determine How Much Money You’ll Have During Good Times

What do you do when the market drops? How you react is very important because that will determine how much retirement money you’ll have twenty, thirty, or forty years from now. Here are four things you need to do when your portfolio is as red as blood:

1. Focus on the Fact That You Have Cash for Emergencies
In my banner seminar, “How to Make Billions in the Stock Market,” I always remind people that before they
invest in the market, they should always have an emergency fund, which is about three to six times of their monthly
I also tell people NOT to put any money in the stock market that they’ll be using in the next three to five years.
You need to have cash for your short-term goals.
If you have an emergency fund and cash for your short-term goals, you’ll react very differently when the stock
market dives. You won’t panic. You’ll take everything in stride. You’ll smile and relax.

2. Remind Yourself That the Market Will Go Up Again
Sometimes we have bull markets, and sometimes we have bear markets. Fact is, both don’t last.
In the United States, the average bear market lasted a little longer than a year, with an average loss of 34.7
percent, while the average bull market lasted more than four years, giving an average growth of 140 percent. Isn’t
that amazing? The odds are in your favor.

3. Sit Tight and Wait for the Market Rebound
You know the market will go up again. Question: Will you be riding it when the rebound takes place?
The other day, I got some sad news from a friend handling mutual funds. He said many of his customers are
selling at the bottom. So sad! These people have transformed their harmless “paper loss” into a real crushing,
heartbreaking financial loss.
That’s what happens when people don’t get educated.
And do you know what’s worse? Most of these people who leave never go back into the market, because
they’re been burned. And so they never participate in the bull run that happens right after the bears.
What should you do? Just hold on when the market hits bottom and wait for it to go up. Not only that, as
always, I need to remind you that you should…

4. Keep Investing Every Month!
Having cash to invest is your key to growing your money. To do that, you need to always set aside twenty
percent of your income for your investments. The formula for retiring a millionaire has been given to you. Execute!
Happy investing!
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